Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sap moon

Sorry to be not writing. I am both profoundly lonely and profoundly uncommunicative. Not a good combination. My friends are all starting to call to ask if I'm okay. Thanks!

Its been almost six months since my mother died. Its been almost two months since Natalie died. This has been a wicked cold winter in more ways than one.

Physically, I'm getting better. I have a little more stamina and my slow measured movements become a little faster. I'm wondering when I can start going on calls again. I'm planning my garden.

My female goat is close to kidding and I took my male goat to be made into meat last week. I need a new cordless drill for sugaring.

Signs of life going on.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Imbolc

It's the pagan holiday Imbolc today. The day falling exactly between the Solstice and the Equinox. The Native Americans used to refer to the next full moon as the Sap Moon because maple trees can be tapped soon. Chickens start laying and the four footed livestock are getting close to kidding, lambing or calfing. Carnival is this week and the long fast of Lent begins soon.

Happy Early Spring